Our Vision, Purpose, Promise & Values

We aren’t like other businesses that have these elements as posters on the wall so to speak, we are passionate about them. It is who we are and why we got into this in the first place. We believe in creating something special, something that businesses want to be a part of, our team can be proud of and our customers and communities benefit from. Each of our operating businesses have their own framework which we help them define but this therefore is not completely uniform for all, as each business despite having many of the same values such as trust/integrity/reliability & quality, have their own specific ingredients that add to make them unique in their own space. We believe this frame of directionally consistent but individually unique is the perfect mix to optimise value for all. What we refer to below is the vision purpose, promise & of the group therefore and not each individual business within it.

Advantos Vision

Our Vision

The UK’s favourite platform for independent M&E businesses delivering £150m annual revenue in 10 years.

We are coming together to build a stronger future for all. We all need to know where we’re heading together so that we can focus on our larger ambitions.

Advantos Purpose

Our purpose

We build success by making a positive difference for all.

This is our ‘why?’. Why we exist in the world, why we do what we do. Our Purpose is centred around the fact that we are stronger together. We want to make a positive difference. For everybody.

Advantos Promise

Our Promise

Building together.

Sitting right at the centre of our framework is our brand promise. It distills everything from our framework into just a few - but very important – words that capture the ethos of our brand.

Our 5 Values

As a group we bring different skillsets, as diversity drives better decisions. One thing we do not compromise on though is our values which each of us share and this drives us – its who we are. These values describe how we act as a group and what those actions mean in the eyes of the business owners / leaders that join the group. Each business within the group has their own core values and identity as this is part of what makes them unique.

What it means for us

We want our businesses to maintain their independence and continue the practices that have led to their success. But we believe in the power of being stronger together and maximising opportunities. A platform based on collaboration, not integration. Bringing our large business experience combined with functional know-how to help facilitate best practices throughout. All this means each business benefits from being part of the larger team.

What it means for businesses

We really appreciate that we keep our independence, our teams, and our brand. This is important to us. But we also recognise that we are stronger together. Being able to benefit from larger business experience and knowledge to help improve the way we work. Knowing we always have the support that helps and drives us gives us greater confidence

What it means for us

We must be reliable as a team and in all we deliver. We follow through on commitments, instilling confidence in our group and the wider community. We do what we say.

What it means for businesses

Advantos is a platform that I trust. It’s dedicated to businesses like mine and has an ethos I like. They understand us, support us and do what they say. They are there when I need them and they make a positive difference. It gives me real confidence going forward.

What it means for us

We want to make a positive difference. To inspire businesses and people to achieve more than they thought possible. Using our financial leverage to add more resilience and access to investments to help realise ambitions and achieve goals. But we also want to encourage, collaborate and help growth in wider-ranging areas. Better practices, personal development, social responsibility. Growing together.

What it means for businesses

Being part of the group makes a big difference. The financial leverage of the group means more resilience and allows access to greater investments. We can see the positive benefits throughout the business and it has instilled a belief in what is truly possible for our team going forward.

What it means for us

We are proactive and we move forward. We seek out and implement best practices that will help increase impact and improve efficiency. We look for greater opportunities. Maximising all our potential. To help us go further.

What it means for businesses

Advantos help move things forward. The platform is always improving, creating greater support and better opportunities. It positively helps us as a business to achieve more.

What it means for us

We are different. We want to be ahead of the competition. In innovation. In the use of technology. In creating a positive impact in the group, the sector and beyond. This takes confidence. And conviction. But always grounded in thorough thinking.

What it means for businesses

Advantos enables pathways we would have not thought possible. Helping us adopt the latest technologies and practices. Giving us the confidence to operate more effectively in a rapidly changing world and market.

ESG Pledge

We believe strongly in our responsibility or even opportunity to sustainably improve the lives of our team members as well as the communities which we operate in. We also recognise the importance of looking after the environment and are committed to be industry leading in our efforts to minimise our net carbon impact by developing a number of key initiatives across the group.