Core Focus & Methodology

We operate as a platform that provides access to benefits that can help accelerate the growth of independent mechanical & electrical & facilities management businesses.

The concept of a platform is therefore a foundational base that allows each business to retain its identity, culture, management and core USPs whilst tapping into the benefits that being part of a larger group can bring.

    Our success is driven by the ability to do 3 things well:

    We believe that accessing these will not only accelerate growth but also create value for all stakeholders.

    Business Criteria

    • M&E / Hard FM
    • B2B – Commercial/Public Sector
    • Revenue £4m - £20m
    • EBITDA min 7% & £0.5m
    • Stable or growing history > 10Y old
    • Competes on quality/service/response
    • >50% recurring/re-occurring revenue
    • <25% Concentration of top customer
    • Low customer churn

    Bonus Criteria

    • Access to cross sell opportunities
    • Specialist expertise
    • Strong focus on renewables/smart tech
    • Exceptional MD/Management
    • Great processes & systems focus
    • Strong ESG focus

    Growth: Access to a career path and new skills including a development fund for every team member

    Teamwork: Team support, camaraderie & empathy with events, and role swaps encouraged

    Recognition: Employee of the month, ad hoc rewards, visible management, celebration of success

    Communication: Line of sight on company and group direction with clarity on roles and accountabilities

    Reward: Competitive pay, birthdays off, Increasing holiday, development fund, time off to give back

    Why will each business benefit from being part of the group & where do we create additional value

    Collaborative Benefits:

    • X Sell / Contracts
    • Buying
    • Expertise / Knowledge

    Advantos Framework

    • Vision/Values/Plans
    • Org/Accountabilities
    • Process/Systems/Tech
    • Finance/Scorecard

    Group Services

    • Non Core Services
    • New Services
    • High benefit / low impact on entity USP

    Our approach is expected to accelerate organic growth and we target to 3x each business within a 10 year timeframe.

    Illustrative example where we aim to double EBITDA in 5 years & triple in 10 Years.

    Growth Expectation

    We can improve tomorrow together