ESG Pledge

We believe strongly in our responsibility or even opportunity to sustainably improve the lives of our team members as well as the communities which we operate in. We also recognise the importance of looking after the environment and are committed to be industry leading in our efforts to minimise our net carbon impact by developing a number of key initiatives across the group.

ESG Pledge

Our Social Value Framework is centered around our 3 key pillars of:


Our people are our business. One of our core ambitions is to become the ‘employer of choice’ in the UK M&E/FM industry and we have developed a 5 pillar framework based on the following aspects 1. Reward & Benefits, Communication, Recognition, Teamwork & Growth. All of this is underpinned by our pledge to be an equal opportunities employer.


We are focused on sustainably supporting the communities that we operate in as we strongly believe in our communities being key stakeholders of our businesses and that we should look to create success for all of our stakeholders. Through our ‘giving back’ program we dedicate our efforts to a number of core community based projects for each of our businesses and encourage each and every single one of our team members to get involved – supporting them with paid time off to provide and give back in their local communities.


Advantos is a responsible business committed to significantly reducing and then eliminating our impact on the environment and mitigating the effects of climate change with our emerging Zero Carbon strategy. We are committed to complete our baselining of the existing group, and defining therefore our targets and timeslcales to reach net zero. We are also clarifying an approach for each new company that joins the group to ensure we can drive this agenda and monitoring across the entire group.

Building success by making a positive difference for all