How this creates success?

Our fundamental purpose is to ‘build success by making a positive difference for all’ and this means we focus on exactly that. We expect all of the business stakeholders to benefit in the medium to long term from the business joining the group. Our methodology is driven from extensive experience in very senior executive roles plus a strong dose of pragmatism to ensure we do not overwhelm each business but instead support it.

We believe that the incoming business will benefit from the following:

1. Owner

a. Benefit from having your hard work of building the business valued and appreciated

b. Benefits from the continuation of the brand/teams/reputation and ultimately legacy of the business

c. Can benefit when continuing to manage the business by access to the group platform benefits & peer group

2. Teams

a. Benefit from access to development, training and clearer career path

b. Benefit from having access to group people plan – being part of a group that is ‘a great place to work’

c. Benefit from ambitious growth plans meaning development and growth opportunities

3. Customers

a. Benefit from being able to have more one stop shop solutions for complete M&E requirements

b. Benefit from businesses improving their processes and systems which will improve response and quality of response

c. Benefit from a more highly engaged team that will in turn deliver higher quality service and response

4. Communities

a. Our pledge is to support our local communities through our giving back program

b. Every team member is encouraged (and financially supported) to support local community based projects

c. Growth plans provide local employment opportunities

Our values & our expertise deliver results for all